About Bionamic

Bionamic is a company in Lund, Sweden, founded by Anders Carlsson, Ph.D. and Morten Krogh, Ph.D. whose combination of experiences from life science (Scripps Research and USC), theoretical physics (Princeton and CERN) and software development is fertile ground for developing the best therapeutic antibody research platform in the world.

The idea behind Bionamic was developed while consulting at various biopharma companies, where the challenges of organizing and analyzing development data were obvious and researchers were frustrated by the inefficiencies caused by the lack of appropriate software.

It is Bionamic’s mission to change this by providing a software platform developed around the biopharma discovery and development process, soundly built on true biological concepts and relations.

We have developed a system that is fully traceable - all actions taken in the platform are stored and cannot be deleted or overwritten. We even store the data directly as an audit trail, and it is actually the audit trail that is interpreted every time data is accessed (rather than the other way around).

The main purpose of the Bionamic system is to allow users to act on their data in the easiest and most efficient way possible.

As rule, we avoid defining traditional “workflows” . Finally, we take performance seriously.

Board of directors

Christer Fåhraeus, Ph.D.

Chairman of the board

Christer is President & CEO of EQL Pharma AB (publ), board member of Cellavision AB, Flatfrog Laboratories AB, Reccan AB, EQL Pharma AB (publ), Amniotics AB (publ) and Gasporox AB (publ). He is founder of Cellavision AB (publ), EQL Pharma AB (publ) and Flatfrog Laboratories AB amongst others.

Anders Carlsson, Ph.D.

Cofounder, CSO, and board member

Anders has a Ph.D. in immunotechnology from Lund University and did postdocs at Scripps, La Jolla and USC, Los Angeles. Founder of Sciscitor, a life science data analysis consultancy, where he performed custom data analysis and developed tools for research companies in diagnostics and therapeutic antibody development.

Morten Krogh, Ph.D.

Cofounder, CTO, and board member

Morten has a Ph.D. in theoretical high energy physics from Princeton University. He did a postdoc at KITP in Santa Barbara and worked as a fellow at CERN, Geneva. He moved on to bioinformatics at Lund university and in Amber Biosciences, a bioinformatic consultancy company he cofounded. Morten also has worked as a software engineer at Realm and Ditto, two Silicon Valley start-ups.

Ulf Christiansson

Board member

Ulf is a board member of Homepal AB, Connectitude AB and Välfärdsteknik AB, Senior partner at BizDevNet Consulting AB. Previously Spotfire, Scalado, Nokia, Microsoft and AT&T-Unisource.

Johan Billgren

Board member

Johan is a cofounder of inriver and has held leading positions as Project Manager, Senior Advisor, and Account Manager at Intentia Consulting.

Emanuel Eriksson

Board member

Emanuel has a M.Sc. in economics. He has held leadership positions in banking (M&A) and is currently the CEO of Fåhraeus Startup & Growth fund and chief investor at Fårö Capital.