Bionamic is a company in Lund, Sweden, founded by Anders Carlsson, Ph.D. and Morten Krogh, Ph.D. whose combination of experiences from life science (Scripps Research and USC), theoretical physics (Princeton and CERN) and software development is fertile ground for developing the best therapeutic antibody research platform in the world.

The idea behind Bionamic was developed while consulting at various biopharma companies, where the challenges of organizing and analyzing development data were obvious and researchers were frustrated by the inefficiencies caused by the lack of appropriate software.

It is Bionamic’s mission to change this by providing a software platform developed around the biopharma discovery and development process, soundly built on true biological concepts and relations.

Therapeutic antibody discovery and development

Since the first approval of a therapeutic antibody in 1986, almost 600 candidates have been tested in the clinic to treat a variety of conditions, including autoimmune disease and cancer. Fueled by the incredible developments in modern molecular biology, many antibody properties can now be engineered, including the ability to specifically bind multiple targets to, for instance, increase the interaction between T cells and tumor cells, or deliver other molecules to target cells.

Even with the incredible tools currently available, the antibody discovery and development process remain long and challenging. We at Bionamic have recognized that some of the challenges can be overcome by using tools designed to empower researchers with their own data.

In the cloud

The Bionamic software platform is hosted in a cloud service in a way so that users can access it through a web browser. This means that no local software installations are required to get started with Bionamic and that all data registered is private, secure. The biggest benefit may be that the system is up to date.

High performance

A common frustration with software and data hosted in the cloud is performance, as users may find that even simple tasks can have significant delays. Bionamic has solved this to give users a very fast experience not typically found in web browser-based applications. We take performance seriously.

Full traceability

Traceability is an integral part of successful scientific discovery and is at the very heart of the Bionamic platform. We have developed a system that is fully traceable - all actions taken in the platform are stored and cannot be deleted or overwritten. We even store the data directly as an audit trail, and it is actually the audit trail that is interpreted every time data is accessed (rather than the other way around)!

This “who/what/when” type of traceability is obviously important, but Bionamic’s platform is also focused on tracking relations in the data. As a rule, we avoid defining traditional “workflows” as we and our customers find that they tend to either be too specific or too general. Instead, we rely on mapping the real-world relations between samples, molecules and experimental information in a way that enables our users to accurately describe the data and the relations within.

Data analysis

In addition to keeping track of data and processes, the main purpose of the Bionamic system is to allow users to act on their data in the easiest and most efficient way possible. As experimental data generation gets cheaper, faster and bigger, the demand for good data structures, searchability and analytics increase dramatically.


Bionamic was founded by researchers to address the frustrating challenge of implementing digitalization in biopharma R&D. Our software platform can serve as a single source of truth for all your antibody related discovery and development data and offers an easy way to navigate it. We have put an incredible amount of thought and effort into making sure the data can be represented in a way that makes sense and helps to solve real problems.