Concept highlights

The first dedicated data management cloud for antibody discovery

The Bionamic platform was built to empower researchers to accelerate the discovery and development of antibodies and other biomolecules. It is designed to trace, analyze and validate antibody sequence and assay data using a data structure entirely inspired by real biological concepts and relations. For example, our system tracks all unique combinations of VH and VL sequences, which antibodies they occur in, and any squence variants generated during development .

Registration of new antibody variants and is made fast and errorless using Bionamic's easy to use batch cloning functionality. Customizable naming conventions are automatically applied.

Simple tools for registering productions and purifications let the system keep track of exactly which lots and batches are used in which assays, including bi-, multi-specific and ligand-fusion antibodies.

Biological relations

The system is built to map the real-world relations between antibody samples, molecules and experimental information. These relations can be leveraged to, for example, navigate the entire history of a lead candidate back to the settings of the initial screening that first identified the VH and VL sequences it is based on.

The advanced mapping between our data structure and real biology also enables you to work entirely without predefined, rigid workflows. Instead you can use the system’s modules to accurately describe your discovery and development process in a highly flexible way.

A single source of truth

Bionamic serves as a central and single source of truth for all stakeholders in an antibody discovery and development program, helping to eliminate all confusion surrounding the naming, sequences, and origin of antibodies and their variants.


Traceability is an integral part of successful scientific discovery. In Bionamic’s system, your antibody data is stored as an audit trail and every change is traceable to who, what, and when - including deletions. Once entered, your data is securely stored in the cloud and will always be available and recoverable.

Accessible and up to date

Bionamic is a cloud-hosted software platform (SaaS) that combines the security and accessibility of the cloud with the performance and privacy of a local installation. The platform requires no skills in programming or bioinformatics, instead it provides easy to use tools that eliminate many manual, error prone and time-consuming steps.