Open position: Software engineer / bioinformatician

The bionamic platform

The bionamic platform is a web application with a cloud back end.

The web app is written in plain Javascript, HTML and CSS. It is written in a modular fashion using web components. No framework is used for the front end since we only need to support very modern browsers. We prefer the advantage of writing directly towards the browser APIs rather than towards the API of a framework. We have developed a design system of small web components which we use to compose views. These components are similar to the components used in React and similar libraries or frameworks. If you would like to write plain vanilla Javascript, Bionamic might be an interesting place to work.

The cloud backend runs on AWS where we use various services including DynamoDB, S3, Cloudfront, API Gateway, Lambda, Route53, and Cloud Watch. If you have knowledge of AWS services or would like to learn how to use them, Bionamic should be a good place to work.

The Bionamic platform incorporates detailed knowledge of the antibody discovery and validation process.

Required skills

Desired skills

Salary and work benefits

Bionamic offers competitive salaries. Employee options will also be offered to make sure all employees take part in a potential future upside. Working conditions are relaxed and flexible. Employees are free to work from home and take time off as needed. There are no set times to meet or leave the office. However, employees must usually participate in meetings and generally be available and is also expected to communicate at odd times.

Bionamic uses a modern development stack including Git, Github and Slack, which gives employees useful skills for future work in the software industry. Employees are also welcome to suggest improvements to the development stack.

Employees are encouraged to talk to customers, and attend meetings with customers, to get a better feel for the users' needs.

Code test

Bionamic has a code test that candidates can use to show their coding skills. The code test is indicative of the kind of work that software engineers might do at Bionamic. The test is not mandatory, but we recommend candidates to take a look at it.


We welcome you to apply by sending us an email at It is not necessary to take the code test before contacting us. We would always like to talk to you.