Bionamic - Software as a Service (SaaS)

We provide licenses for our digital platform. Academic research institutions get a highly discounted rate.

Integration services

We help you with integration of Bionamic with your other softwares, handling legacy data and more.


Prices upon request. Read more about our features, services and support in our plans.

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Features Academic Enterprise
Design IgG, VHH, ScFV to bi/multi specific antibodies
Transformations and codon optimization
Subsitute Fc region/ isotype
Attach ligands and toxins
Sequence alignments and variability analysis
PTM analysis
FASTA and GenBank upload/ download
Supports upload of most assay types
Visualization/ plotting tools
Make Selections based on assay results
Organize screening campaigns, libraries and pannings
Plate builder
Sharing, security and compliance Academic Enterprise
Encrypted and highly secured cloud storage
Powerful search functionality
Runs in the browser
Off-line mode, work anywhere.
Collaborate across the company
Transparence from lab to management organization
Audit trail - simplifies due diligance and IND filing
Full traceability - when, what, by who
Service and support Academic Enterprise
Dedicated costumer service person -
Historical data migration service and export -
Integration with other softwares ELN/ LIMS - Partly included
Tailor the app with features for your lab specific needs - Partly included
Bioinformatic services - Partly included

We provide service and support beyond what is included above upon request.