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Deeper insights, full traceability and faster results

The software solution for antibody R&D data.

Harnessing the power of Bionamic:

Built from ground up to support antibody development

Do not let outdated rigid data handling systems, insufficient data strategy or manually maintained Excel sheets hamper your work.

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Easily address question like:

  • Which clone is the most similar to our previous hits?
  • Which library or panning did it originate from?
  • How did it perform over multiple experiments, in various constructs and formulations over time?

Move from research through development within a single system. Product development cycle generates lots of data and include many intertwined steps and iterations along the way, involving different disciplines and teams. It cannot be stressed enough how important having the historical data available when analyzing new data, and secure the single trail of knowledge being transferred.

Get full audit-trail

Every change is traceable to who, what, and when.

Capture all relations between samples, molecules and experimental information together.

From target to IND and into CMC development.

Analyze all data together

Having all data accessible and structured in one platform eliminates many manual, error prone and time-consuming steps.

  • Requires no skills in programming or bioinformatics
  • Visualization
  • Analytics
  • Compare and select your drug candidates

Simple data entry

Bionamic allows simple import and export of data in various formats and integrates nicely with excel.

  • Assay and inventory data
  • Sequence data
  • Store all your internal and CRO data in one place

Built for collaboration

Bionamic cloud serves as a central and single source of truth for all stakeholders in an antibody discovery and development program.

Eliminate all confusion surrounding the naming, sequences, and origin.


Bionamic is a SaaS 

  • No configuration needed – easy onboarding and minimal administration
  • Unrestricted number of users – the platform will automatically scale as your company grows
  • Offline Mode – users can continue to read and write data if connection to internet temporarily drops
  • Fluent – work entirely without predefined, rigid workflows

“Our platform is designed to empower users to act on their data in the easiest and most efficient way possible. We believe that usability is key to driving adoption and success, and we’ve made it a top priority in our design.”

Anna Goffe

Art Director, Bionamic