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Our story

Bionamic, based in Lund, Sweden, was founded in 2019 by experts in life science, theoretical physics, and software development with the goal of providing the best platform in the world for antibody research.
The idea behind Bionamic was developed while consulting at various biopharma companies, where the challenges of organizing and analyzing development data were obvious and researchers were frustrated by the inefficiencies caused by the lack of appropriate software.

“Our journey with Bionamic began with a simple idea: to develop a software solution that could support the antibody discovery and development process. We understood the frustrations that researchers faced when organizing and analyzing development data, and we are committed to providing a software solution that is built on true biological concepts and relations.”

Anders Carlsson, Ph.D.

Chief Science Officer and Co-founder, Bionamic


Digitalizing biopharma research has been slow and primarily due to current softwares being designed for more standardized workflows and experienced as too rigid. Bionamic provides unparalleled access and control over the vital data generated by the research.  By having all the data within a single software solution with minimum configuration and adaptation, you can gain deeper insights into your data, automate visualization, track results, and achieve faster go-to-market.


Do you have a basic ELN or maybe an inventory system implemented in your lab but struggling with storing and tracking other data like libraries, sequences and assay data in antibody discovery and development cycle?

Bionamic is designed specifically for people working with antibody discovery and development projects. Whether you are a small biopharma start-up or a large pharmaceutical company, an academic institution or a CRO, Bionamic can help you achieve your antibody research goals faster and more efficiently.


Bionamic is a modern software solution built with a deep understanding of how your lab really works and helps you take control of your data and get all the data structured in one place . 

The accessibility and flexibility created by Bionamic solutions allows your team to easily find and act on observations within the same software system. That means no more plotting assay data in one program, extracting the sequences in another, and using a third to build a new sequence structure. Being able to leverage relevant aspects of candidate molecules and their subcomponents with a single solution makes it easier to resolve their histories and apply them to a current analysis.


Bionamic is available for life scientists worldwide and can be used in any laboratory setting. Our platform is easy to implement and use, so you can start benefiting from Bionamic’s features within days. We offer the product both as a SaaS or on-premise platform with minimal configuration needed.

Bionamic integrates nicely with your current ELN, inventory or sequencing software.

Ultimately, Bionamic is the answer to the question “How do we work to generate a single state that truly represents the sum of all our knowledge?”


To revolutionize the field of antibody research by providing the best platform in the world for antibody research. Paving the way for groundbreaking discoveries and new therapies that will improve the lives of millions of people, by letting us help them to get unmatched access to their data using state of the art technologies.


Our mission at Bionamic is to provide antibody researchers with seamless access and full control over their data, expediting the process of discovery and development. By empowering them with efficient tools, we enable informed decision-making and enhance the pace of progress.

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