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Open Positions

Currently we have no open positions. We are always looking for candidates for the future. If you want to join an exciting and expanding company, send us an application at

Help us thrive and grow

Join Bionamic and contribute to making life science data analysis more efficient. We need software engineers, bioinformaticians and life science researchers with an interest in data handling, data analysis, and user interface design.

Team statements

“Having a Biophysicists background, I love being able to apply my problem solving skillset to create software that truly supports researchers in their work. It’s great to work in an environment that supports the advancement of antibody discovery”.

Magnus Brander

Biophysicists and software developer, Bionamic

“As a developer, I am committed to helping antibody researchers make sense of their data through advanced bioinformatics interpretations and carefully designed data structures. By leveraging modern technology and data science principles, we can help unlock insights and drive progress in antibody discovery and development. Whether it’s optimizing algorithms or building custom pipelines, my goal is to empower experimental scientists with the tools they need to succeed in their work and make a meaningful impact on human health”.

Chayan Kumar Saha, Ph.D.

Software developer & Bioinformatician, Bionamic

“At the intersection of communication, marketing, and life science, I am committed to serving antibody researchers with a platform that provides powerful insights, traceability, and faster time to market. By leveraging my expertise in the industry and working closely with researchers to understand their needs, we can deliver a platform that truly makes a difference in the lives of patients.”

Aravindh Subramani, Ph.D.

Scientific Communications and Marketing, Bionamic