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Designed for antibody discovery and development

Bionamic is a groundbreaking software solution made for antibody R&D data management to achieve deeper insights, full traceability and faster go to market.

Built with modern technology

A scientific data backbone with easy-to-use tools, custom made for discovery and development of antibodies and other biologics.

Incredible fast and easy to set up and get going.

On premise or cloud SaaS

You decide, we offer both local installation or hosted (Software as a Service). Our Rust back-end server runs on any machine

High Security

Data completely isolated and future proof with enterprise-grade encryption. Full privacy, download data anytime.

Easy integration

Easily upload any data or integrate with your existing ELN, inventory or sequencing pipeline using our API

“At Bionamic, we don’t believe in imposing rigid workflows on our customers. Instead, our platform is designed to be flexible and adaptable, empowering users to work the way they want to work. We understand that every BioPharma company is unique, and we’re committed to providing a solution that can fit their specific needs.”

Morten Krogh, Ph.D.

CTO and co-founder, Bionamic

Our Solution

Bionamic offers a powerful solution for antibody development. When scientists work across multiple software platforms, it creates silos that worsen the already challenging nature of collaborative work. This can lead to scientists spending valuable time reconciling data between various systems instead of being able to effectively share and collaborate on key insights that can drive product development forward.

With our platform, you can gain deeper insights into your data, automate visualization, track results, and save time. Whether you’re a small start-up or a large company, Bionamic can help you achieve your research goals faster and more efficiently. 

Try Bionamic today and experience the benefits for yourself.

Take full control of your data

We have developed a system that is fully traceable – all actions taken in the platform are stored and cannot be deleted or overwritten. We even store the data directly as an audit trail using our commit system similar to Git.

The main purpose of the Bionamic system is to allow users to act on their data in the easiest and most efficient way possible. As rule, we avoid defining traditional “workflows” .

Easily perform tasks like

  • Align a VH-VL sequence to the ten most similar ones in the database.
  • Find all versions (e.g. antibody isotypes) they’ve been cloned into.
  • Get all purification batches from those complexes.
  • Assemble all relevant assay data, concentrations, biophysical properties and liabilities in a dataset.
  • Analyse that dataset to select three top candidates.
  • Get the VH-VL sequences and generate antibodies of a new isotype  with labels, protein/plasmid sequences.

Work seamlessly with Multispecific antibodies​

  • Find which batches and assay datasets exist and with which binder in each position
  • If mutated version, trace the original clone.
  • See the selection or immunization parameters.

Analyze, conclude and report.