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Looking for a software specifically made for antibody discovery data?

Bionamic is a game changing SaaS made for antibody discovery companies to organize and leverage the data for deeper insights, full traceability and faster go-to-market.

Relying on Excel for sequence and data storage and analysis?

You are not alone. Many companies working with antibody discovery and engineering are still using Excel as their main data management tool. 

We help you to transition into a purpose-built data management tool.

Overcome your legacy software limitations

Current R&D platforms were not designed for the unique complexity of biological molecules. Bionamic effortlessly links library, sequence and assay data and serves it in powerful and integrated analysis tool. We have removed the rigidity that most other software rely on. Instead, we  enable the flexibility needed to accurately describe ever-changing discovery processes. 

Developing untraditional antibodies or alternative scaffolds?

Our solution allows you to define your own antibody formats or protein scaffold to accurately register and describe your molecules.

Get full control of your data

Avoid repeating experiments due to lost or incomplete data trails, and make sure to get full value of your data. Bionamic makes sure you can always have your information when you need it.

We offer full integration with your existing ELN system.

Book a demo with our founder

Request a demo with our founder and CSO Anders Carlsson and discover the limitless potential of our software tailored specifically for your work. During the demo, Anders will guide you through the software’s features, showcasing its capabilities and demonstrating its effectiveness in accelerating your research. Simply click the button below to schedule your personalized demo at your convenience using our scheduler.
Anders has a Ph.D. in immunotechnology from Lund University and did postdocs at Scripps, La Jolla and USC, Los Angeles. Founder of Sciscitor, a life science data analysis consultancy, where he performed custom data analysis and developed tools for research companies in diagnostics and therapeutic antibody development.
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